The 5-step Guide to Master French Language

French is the second, most spoken first language in the European Union. Most people find the language as fascinating and associate it with love and literature. As you embark on your journey of understanding the French language, you may wonder where to begin. There is no difficulty in mastering the French language. How fast and easier you capture the basics depends on your levels of interest, determination, and commitment. The tips below give guidance on how you can start learning French and become a guru in it without many struggles:

1) Ensure You Familiarize With Sounds

Endeavor to practice how to hear, spell and pronounce French sounds. Such is a significant step to start from before beginning to memorize words and their meanings. Unlike English, learning how to write and read in French is not a guarantee that you will understand the spoken language well. It is the reason why you should get acquainted with the sounds before moving on to learn the written language.

2) Make Learning an Everyday Activity

As it is said, practice creates perfection. Learning is a process, and each day of knowledge makes it better. Set aside some time every day that you dedicate towards learning how to speak and write anything in French. By making such learning routines, you will have a continuous interest to study something new every day. You can also get a complete French guide copy for starters.

3) Adapt to the French Customs

By this, you do not have to travel to French-speaking countries and spend months there. You can check out the French culture subjects daily, and then use it to steer you in learning the language more. There are also some websites on the internet enriched with the French culture. They can be excellent sources of guidance towards your mastery of the French language.

4) Switch to French Talks on Social Media Channels

Use the various social media sites such as facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google plus to build and enhance the French learning habit. You can use them to check some French words and sentences and familiarize with them every day. You can also install the French dictionary app on your phone to offer guidance in the meaning of different words.

5) Engage Deeply in French-Related Activities

Connecting to everyday actions that will trigger your understanding of the language eventually makes you accustomed to it fully. Based on your areas of interest, some of the functional roles that you can practice involve: 

  • Reading French books
  • Watching French movies and television shows
  • Listening to French songs
  • Preparing French dishes.

You can perform all the above activities at the comfort of your home and still attain a good mastery of the language in the long run – read article on le but french grammar.